Three Reasons to attend Prenatal Classes.

By Rebecca Robertson

Many expectant parents wonder if taking prenatal classes is worth it. Knowing what your options are is invaluable for your birth and breastfeeding experience. There is so much going on, and so much is happening when your are in labour, or when you are learning to care for your newborn. Doing the groundwork lays the foundation for you to build on.

Here are 3 reasons to attend a Prenatal class:

Knowledge replaces fear. Fear? I get it. I, too, have been told impactful stories about birth. I, too, was told that breastfeeding hurts- it shouldn’t by the way. I, too, experienced fear of the unknown when I was expecting my first baby (and then again for my second). It can be very overwhelming, but it is only natural to feel that way about any unknown. I believe that the more we know, the more we can ease those fears. When you are prepared with the knowledge of things to expect, it will make it much easier in the moment. Knowledge helps dispel the fear of the unknown.

If you don’t know what your options are, then you don’t have any.
How much time did you spend researching which breast pump to buy? Did you compare different pumps to see which features would suit you best? What about that Haakaa pump, pretty nifty right? If you had done no research at all then you would have no idea that there are so many to choose from. Taking a class can help you begin to wade in the waters of the options available. It is a real person right in front of you who has tons of knowledge, who is eager to answer all questions. A person who can help you learn *how* to ask questions so that you feel confident in the decisions you are making: about your prenatal care, your birth, your feeding experience, and those early newborn days.

Empower yourself, and learn to trust your body. Birth is an experience like no other. I have attended countless births and every time I cry at its beauty. I am in such awe at how amazing a birthing person is, how strong a birthing body is and how wild it is that our bodies can create, grow and then birth an entire new human being! Regardless of *where* you give birth, *how* you give birth or with *whom* you give birth. Birth is awesome. Spending time learning about the process of birth, and what it is that your body and baby are doing will inspire you as well. When you change the way you view birth, the way you birth will change. This is something that I believe to my very core. Your mindset and the groundwork that you do sets the stage. Lets fill you with positive thoughts, positive views and tons of knowledge.

So there you have it, three reasons to attend a prenatal class or workshop. If you are planning on attending class what are you most looking forward to learning? And if you attended a prenatal class what was your biggest take away?

I want you to birth and feed with joy, love and confidence.

About the Author, Rebecca Robertson:

My training and education is not the traditional path that many take to this work. I started my path to perinatal support back in 2008 when I began my studies at the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine (class 2013). While earning my post-graduate degree in Naturopathic medicine I realized how passionate I was about supporting families as they grow. So I began my studies in breastfeeding support at the International Breastfeeding Centre, where I acquired 90 hours of formal lactation medicine education. I have attended two different doula training courses, and continue to learn everyday.

My education in naturopathic medicine was so in depth that it has given me a deep understanding on how the body works, which has allowed me to teach families about childbirth and breastfeeding. In addition to my training as a breastfeeding support person, I work as a Doula, a Childbirth Educator and Breastfeeding Educator. In my continual pursuit to learn and further develop my skills I am currently working towards becoming a certified breastfeeding specialist.

I love supporting families as they grow, and over the last 11 years I have been honoured to support and serve as witness for families during their awesome transition into parenthood.

Rebecca works at Compass Rose Wellness Centre, in Komoka, Ontario which is just West of London, Ontario. She teaches prenatal education classes such as Prenatal Breastfeeding and Child Birth Education. In addition to that she sees clients in-person for Breastfeeding support and does in-home visits. She is also a prenatal Doula and is such a great resource to help parents prepare for the arrival of their new baby.